Lifestyle Medicine is a proof based branch of medicine which begins with changing your lifestyle in order to prevent, treat and reverse chronic diseases through a targeted approach of the causes underlying this conditions.

Noncommunicable chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, mental conditions, metabolic afflictions – diabetes and obesity, are the main cause of death in Romania. 70% of the diseases we suffer and die from are due to our lifestyle, the rest of 30% being genetic conditions and accidents.

The majority of chronic diseases can be prevented by an adapted lifestyle in a healthy social environment. Medical and surgical treatments are entirely useful but by the time we find ourselves in need of such treatments, the disease has already established.
Lifestyle is not a trend statement but a medical form of treatment with an application in over 70% of the conditions that we suffer from. A fitting lifestyle reduces the patient’s emotional and physical costs and also the overall costs of the healthcare global system.
Health is an individual responsibility and afterwords we can talk about a colectiv responsibility. Even though the illness has installed, Lifestyle Medicine may completely or partially reverse its effects, a fact scientifically proven. It is an easily approachable branch of medicine, within reach, without excesive costs and with long term effect

Lifestyle Medicine has an interdisciplinary approach and it can be practiced by general practitioners, internists, surgeons, psychologists, geneticists and researchers, etc. No matter the speciality, doctors can have an integrative holistic approach towards the patient, in the spirit of prevention, of the treatment or the reversal of chronic illness.
Lifestyle Medicine covers the patient and his particular needs until the situations he has been experiencing are being dealt with and solved. It only requires teamwork focused on the patient and nothing else.

Lifestyle Medicine is practiced all over the world, but it is less known in Romania. This branch of medicine was introduced 6 years ago by Dr. Florin Ioan Bălănică, who is also the Romania’s representative of ELMO – European Organization of Lifestyle Medicine. Through this approach, Dr. Florin Ioan Bălănică maintains and promotes education, practice and research in lifestyle medicine, at the highest standards.

ELMO offers benchmarks in research, prevention and treatment of lifestyle-related diseases through nutrition, physical activity, psychology and public health. It also aims to create and perpetuate an educational and scientific european society, composed of qualified doctors and health professionals working in the field of research, prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.


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